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TH Conference   Tassos Haniotis, DG Agri - European Commission

Tassos Haniotis is Director for "Strategy, Simplification and Policy Analysis" in the DG for Agriculture and Rural development of the European Commission. During his 30-year career in the European Commission he has also held posts as Acting Director for Direct Payments, Head of Unit in the Agricultural Policy Analysis and Perspectives Unit and the Agricultural Trade Policy Analysis Unit in DG AGRI, as Deputy Head of Cabinet of former European Commissioner for Agriculture Franz Fischler, and as Agricultural Counsellor in the European Commission’s Delegation in the US.

Tassos holds Ph.D. and M.S. degrees in Agricultural Economics from the University of Georgia in the U.S., and a B.A. in Economics from the Athens University of Economics and Business in his native Greece, and was a visiting Fellow at the Centre for European Agricultural Studies, Wye College, University of London.

A member of the Executive of the International Agricultural Trade Research Consortium during 2012-14, Tassos currently represents the European Commission in the G20's Rapid Response Forum, which he will Chair in 2020-21.

 Ignacio Ruiz, CEMA Economic Experts Group

Ignacio Ruiz is the Secretary General of the association of agriculture machinery manufacturers in Spain , Chairman of the Economic Experts Group in CEMA and Chairman of the Agrievolution Alliance. Born in Madrid (Spain) in 1974, he is an agriculture engineer (UPM, 2000), with a master’s degree in international economics research (UNED, 2015) and received a certificate in Data, Economics, and Development Policy (MITx, 2019).

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René Koerhuis, Future Farming Magazine

René Koerhuis graduated from Wageningen University & Research in the Netherlands in 1998. He then started out his career as Precision Farming Specialist at a well-known machine manufacturer. Following that, he fulfilled several product management and marketing roles for different employers within and outside agriculture after which he started his own company Q-rious Marketing & Communication in 2013. He currently is an editor for several titles and websites and specialises in smart arable farming technology including artificial intelligence, drones, farm management systems, IoT, remote sensing, field robots and autonomous vehicles. 

Harry Smith, Rabobank

Harry Smit is a long-tenured senior analyst with Rabobank’s research division, supporting the bank’s mission by providing sector and company views, as well as knowledge, expertise and insight about global Food & Agribusiness (“F&A”) market trends. 

Harry’s expertise encapsulates all major economic themes related to farming, including competitiveness of various agricultural models, technology, soil, water, climate, biodiversity and policy themes such as Brexit and the CAP. He has extensive experience in primary agriculture in both Europe and other major markets gained through a lifelong career in the F&A industry.

Harry holds a masters degree in Agricultural Economics from the Agricultural University in Wageningen.  Harry grew up on a mixed dairy and hog farm in the Netherlands.

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 Willem Voncken


Willem Voncken, CEJA 

Willem Voncken is an arable farmer, being the 6th generation running a family farm in the South of the Netherlands. Because of his passion for growing crops he turned his dairy farm business into crops production. Now, he grows potatoes, onions, sugar-beets, grains and soybeans.

Willem is an active member within CEJA, the European Council of Young Farmers, who follows latest market trends and he is always a step ahead on the challenges of the future of agriculture.

Patrick Kück, CLAAS

Patrick Kück, born in 1979, married, two daughters, studied European Business Program (EBP) at Muenster University of Applied Sciences and at the University of Portsmouth (UK) from 2000 to 2004. In 2011 he graduated from the University of Lancaster with a Master of Business Administration (MBA). From 2005 to 2020, he worked at Porsche AG as Project Manager Corporate Development and Director Strategy and Innovation as well as other positions. Since October 2020, he has held the position of Senior Vice President for Strategy and Corporate Development at CLAAS. In addition to Corporate Strategy, his responsibilities include “Digital Product Engineering, Corporate Production System and Digital Transformation Program”.

Patrick KUECK Photo 

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To advance agricultural machinery and solutions for sustainable farming, CEMA focuses on a number of priorities. Agriculture 4.0 and Smart Farm Machines are drivers for efficiency and competitiveness in modern sustainable farming. EU Regulations must however be appropriate, harmonizing the rules without burdening the sector with excessive administrative and technical requirements. Through the participation to selected EU projects and initiatives, our industry contributes to innovation in the agri-food chain. The European farm equipment industry is a leading technology provider for farmers worldwide and is part of the solution to feed a growing world population. 


Greater sustainability and environmental protection

Economic benefits

Higher productivity

Higher productivity

Economic benefits

Greater sustainability and environmental protection

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