Document: 2019_CEMA_report_priorities_key_figures_web.pdf

The European Agricultural Machinery Industry Association CEMA is glad to release its 2019 industry-wide report available here

This publication outlines the challenges the industry will face in the coming years together with CEMA’s policy priorities and key political asks for the next mandate of the European Institutions 2019 – 2024. Overall, the industry needs European policies that set a favourable framework to support the innovation and competitive leadership of the sector representing 7,000 companies, large and SMEs, across Europe.

CEMA therefore updated “AgriTech 2030”, a plan that maps out the future of Europe’s industry for advanced agricultural machinery and solutions towards 2030, by: 

  1. Maximizing the Industry’s Contribution to Highly Productive, Competitive, Sustainable Farming Methods with High Safety Standards
  2. Bringing European Farming to the Forefront of Digital and Precision Agriculture
  3. Strengthening Europe’s Industrial and Technological Leadership in Advanced Farm Equipment

Next to that, the report features a complete picture of the industry based on recent available figures that demonstrate the important role the agricultural machinery industry plays in Europe’s and global economy. Furthermore, this document provides an overview of the wide variety of machines CEMA manufacturers produce all over Europe to respond to farmers needs from farms of all sizes.

As European Institutions get ready for their new mandate, this insightful publication raises constructive but necessary asks to leverage the Agricultural Machinery Industry’s knowledge and expertise and help shape sustainable farming for the benefit of our citizens and society.


2019 CEMA Report full cover web2019 CEMA report priorities key figures web