CEMA will join vehicles' lighting and signalling working groups as a top priority for road safety and will follow up automated vehicles

CEMA has decided to be more active in some working groups of United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE).

UNECE develops technical requirements for the design and the construction of motor vehicles, especially in relationship with road safety. It covers topics as wide as braking, steering, lighting or engines emissions.

UNECE regulations offer alternatives to European Regulation. Especially type-approvals according to those ones are widely recognised in countries like Japan, Russia. Type-approvals according to UNECE Regulations are not affected by Brexit.

CEMA involvement is planned on:

  •  Activities related to lighting and signalling: the aim is to align the existing UNECE regulation of lighting installation on agricultural vehicles with the requirements published in 2018 at European level. The intent is also to cover in a better way self-propelled machinery to take into account their design specificities (e.g. asymmetry).

This is discussed in a group which aims at simplifying the regulatory frame of all the existing lamp regulations into 3 big families of lamps:

  • Light Signalling Devices (future UNECE R148)
  • Road Illumination Devices (future UNECE R149)
  • Retroreflective Devices (future UNECE R150)
  • In activities related to autonomous / automated vehicles (GRVA working group) to ensure a consistency between the on-going discussions at CEMA level and requirements on motor vehicles.

Previously, CEMA took part in the activities on a specific regulation dedicated to agricultural mechanical couplings (UNECE R147).