Not many company researchers know the EurAgEng conferences on biosystem and agricultural engineering except from the famous LAND.TECHNIK AgEng conference in conjunction with AGRITECHNICA in Hannover..

While the LAND.TECHNIK AgEng conference is held on the odd years, another EurAgEng conference is organised in the even years by one of the EurAgEng members, who as of that conference delivers the president for the coming two years. The AgEng 2018 took place this time in Wageningen, at the university ORION building. A great sunny three days, from 8 to 12 July. 

ageng2018 small

A wide range of topics were addressed, specifically:  

  • Design methods for integrated and sustainable farming systems
  • New farming management systems
  • Co-production and implementation of technology in food production systems
  • Robotics and sensor technology
  • Energy and greenhouse gas emissions
  • Soil, land and watering engineering
  • Animal production technologies
  • Plant production technologies
  • Greenhouse production technologies  
  • Post-harvest technologies
  • Nutrient management and waste treatment  

Although the event missed a specific focus, the more political legal issues from Brussels were less prominent and the participation was mainly from universities, the conference featured participants from all over the globe and the expertise and level of presentations were very high.

The excellent hosting and facilities certainly contributed that all 420 participants left with new ideas, knowledge and an updated network. 

AgEng conference