Document: CEMA_-_Combustion_engine_remains_essential_for_agricultural_machinery_12122018.pdf

Transportation technologies are constantly changing, leveraging permanent innovation to meet customer requirements and market needs. For some, the future may be electric. For others, such as agricultural machinery, running on high power density diesel fuel with internal combustion engines is unlikely to change in the foreseeable future to other technologies. CEMA, the European Agricultural Machinery industry association, is strongly convinced that the internal combustion engine remains essential for agricultural machinery. Not as a technology of the past, but as an enabler of our common future.

CEMA strongly believes that the internal combustion engine is currently the only available technology that can meet the variety of market requirements regarding power, working range and packaging constraints. At the moment, there is no other technology available that can provide the same flexibility to serve in various agricultural applications.

Farmers need to carry out the work they need to do in the necessary timeframe. Therefore, CEMA is convinced that it is of upmost importance that there won’t be any limitations that impact the possibility to have internal combustion engines with high-density fuels in agricultural machinery.

The full position paper can be found here.