Document: 2023-07-CEMA-Position_on_EU-US_Mutual_Recognition_Agreement.pdf

July 2023

Ten years ago, in April 2013, CEMA took a position in favour of an EU-US trade mini-deal achieving mutual recognition of machinery Conformity Assessment. In light of the recent Trade and Technology Council talks between the European Union and the United States exploring new opportunities to improve cooperation in conformity matters, including components, machinery and other sectors, CEMA wants to reiterate its support for a Transatlantic agreement on conformity assessment.

CEMA considers freer trade to be an increasingly important component of global food security in regard the challenge of feeding a growing, more affluent and increasingly urbanized population in the decades ahead. Freer trade in agricultural machinery and new technologies will benefit farmers by broadening access to and choice of quality farming equipment. This in turn enables farmers to boost productivity and sustainability to the benefit of customers and the environment.

Read our position paper here:

Position Paper