Document: 2021_07_CEMA_Cab_Filtration_Compliance_Rules__Update.pdf

Key updates for tractor and self-propelled sprayer manufacturers, users and other stakeholders


Hereby, CEMA provides an update on the EU regulatory requirements related to the provision of cab filtration systems on agricultural tractors set in Tractor Regulation (167/2013)[1] and self-propelled sprayers set in the Machinery Directive[2]. The following document intends to help clarifying the situation for agricultural equipment manufacturers and users regarding protection against hazardous substances for tractors and self-propelled sprayers.

The document includes information on:

  • Requirements for Tractors (T, C categories) on cab filtration systems
  • Requirements for Self-Propelled Sprayers (CE marking) on cab filtration systems subject to Machinery Directive (2006/42/EC) rules


On all self‑propelled sprayers, based on the CEN and the European Commission’s acceptance of the transition time required for the implementation of the sprayer cab filtration technology, and after the publication of EN ISO 4254‑6:2020 standard, which is fully introduced from May 2021 onwards, CEMA supports the application of EN 15695-1:2017 on all self‑propelled sprayers, by the latest the 30th of April 2021 to ensure protection against hazardous substances. 

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[1] EU Regulation 167/2013

[2] EU Machinery Directive