Document: 5-Point_Action_Plan_Accident_Reduction_and_Prevention_0.pdf

5 – Point Action Plan to Reduce & Prevent

On-Road Accidents with Agricultural Vehicles in the EU

Executive Summary

The number of on-road accidents with agricultural vehicles in the EU is low – when compared to accidents with other vehicles. The risk of being involved in an on-road accident is considerably lower (-82%) per hour worked for new tractors (<13 yrs. old) than for old ones – proof of the substantial advances in active & passive road safety made in the past years. However, the percentage of a grave or fatal outcome is, comparatively speaking, higher in an on-road accident with an agricultural vehicle due to the vehicles’ particular characteristics such as slow speed and wider dimensions.

To reduce & prevent on-road accidents with agricultural vehicles in the EU further, CEMA has identified the following 5 Point Action Plan as the most effective & efficient way forward:

  • Create a uniform European accident reporting system
  • Better lighting & signalling for greater visibility of old farm machines on the road
  • Boost driver training to ensure greater awareness & alertness of drivers
  • Enable Vehicle-to-Vehicle (V2V) communication
  • Enable optional installation of mirrors or camera systems at the front of farm vehicles

CEMA calls on the EU, Member States & stakeholders to make a joint effort to implement these actions as a matter of priority. 

The 5 point Action Plan in detail can be found below.