Dear readers,

After a warm and dry summer break, engines are back at full speed, and everyone is ready to tackle what is already shaping to be an intense autumn season.

Just yesterday, on 31st August, the European Commission officially approved the first package of CAP Strategic Plans for seven countries. The seven Plans approved represent a budget of over €120 billion out of the €270 billion in  CAP funding for the 2023-2027 period , including over €34 billion dedicated exclusively to environmental and climate objectives and eco-schemes. CEMA has stressed for long  how the digital transformation and smart farming can deliver an important contribution to sustainable farming practices if well supported under the new EU Eco-Schemes in the national Strategic Plans (read the paper HERE).

Food security is at the top of everyone’s mind, and despite the temporary relief provided by the unblocking of exports from key Black Sea ports in July, the global situation remains worrying as highlighted by intergovernmental institutions. Over the summer Europe experienced what is believed to be the worst drought in several decades, and farmers are already reporting lower harvests. More than ever, agricultural mechanisation is a building block of global food security.

With energy prices spiking and continued disruptions in the global supply chain, the agricultural machinery industry is hoping that it will not have to face the impact of drastic measures to prepare Europe for potential future major gas supply disruptions.  

In the coming weeks look out for our regular CEMA press release on tractor registrations, as well as a flurry of events from our EU-funded projects.

Enjoy your read!

Jérôme Bandry, CEMA Secretary General