There continues to be a lot of uncertainty regarding Brexit. For each scenario the impact on the agricultural machinery industry is different. To provide guidance to agricultural machinery manufacturers with respect to the engine type-approvals needed to place engines on the EU market after a hard Brexit a new guidance document is published. This document is developed by several European industry associations (EUROMOT, CEMA, CECE, EGMF, Eunited Municipal Equipment, EuropeGen, FEM). 

In short, it describes for which engines with an EU type-approval issued by an UK authority it is necessary to obtain an EU27 type-approval and for which ones this isn't necessary. Roughly, for engines in agricultural machinery only 56-130 kW Stage IV engines and all Stage V engines need an EU27 type-approval. For other engines an UK-issued type-approval is sufficient. Engines that have currently an EU type-approval issued by an UK authority can convert this type-approval to an EU27 type-approval by using Regulation 2019/26. Further details are described in the document that can be found here