Document: Proposal-The_Pact_for_Skills-Launch_of_a_Skills_Partnership_for_the_Agri-food_Ecosystem.pdf

CEMA is delighted to be part of the new Pact for Skills – a Skills Partnership for the Agri-food Ecosystem. The initiative was launched in 2021 under the input of the European Commission, who requested the Brussels associations Copa-Cogeca (agriculture) and FoodDrinkEurope (food industry) to coordinate the partnership along the agri-food value chain.

The agri-food chain is one of the largest segments of the European economy Europe, employing over 21m people from 10m farms, 22,000 agri-food co-operatives, and 291,000 food and drink processing sites. The agri-food system is by far the biggest employment sector in Europe and it has a significant impact on both rural and urban communities, and is comprised of more than 99% small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

Coordinated work led to the involvement of other industry associations, Member States, SMEs and larger companies, universities and training providers, with co-operation from EU projects already working on upskilling and reskilling the workforce. The Partnership presented their workplan in October 2021, as well as its ambition to focus on the upskilling and reskilling the agri-food workforce, with a particular view to increase the attractiveness of the industry to young people. The goal is to build a food chain that can provide life-long learning opportunities in a stable and viable career.

Jérôme Bandry, Secretary General of CEMA, said “We are delighted to join the Pact for Skills Partnership for the Agri-food Ecosystem. As providers of advanced agricultural machinery and solutions, we look forward to playing our part in the upskilling and reskilling of the agricultural workforce, enabling farmers, contractors and all the stakeholders in the value chain to reap the benefits that precision farming can bring in terms of sustainability, higher productivity and economic profitability”.

The official launch of the Pact for Skills partnership in the agri-food sector was on Friday 18th February 2022. From here on, it will grow in membership and gain momentum.

Please read the proposal here.