CEMA recognises the need to increase the security of EU energy supply and supports Member States in their efforts to reduce gas consumption by 15%. We acknowledge it is necessary to make savings ahead of winter to prepare for possible disruptions of gas supplies from Russia.

CEMA also stresses the importance of food security and the need to accommodate climate change through the EU Green Deal. We welcome that policy makers are looking to advanced farm mechanisation and technologies such as precision farming to enable farmers to transition to sustainable farming practices that enhance biodiversity while maintaining food security.

CEMA is concerned the EU energy reduction measures could have significant impact on the manufacturing and deployment of advanced farm mechanisation and technologies to enable farmers to maintain food security. It is imperative that policy makers carry out comprehensive impact assessments before taking any political or regulatory decision on establishing forced curtailments on gas used for the manufacturing of farm mechanisation and technologies bearing in mind the vital importance of its supply base. We recommend instead market-based measures and exploring existing demand flexibilities, incentivising consumers who can reduce their consumption to do so, together with diversifying supplies and increasing our European energy productions wherever possible.

The EU energy reduction measures must consider the importance of polices such as the Farm to Fork strategy, and the contribution farm mechanisation and technologies make to sustainable food systems. It is essential EU energy reduction measures protect the transition to regenerative farming systems while at the same time safeguarding food security for EU citizens and a growing world population.

CEMA will liaise with its National Associations to relay this statement to the national authorities in charge for the application of the energy reduction measures, and encourage a productive cooperation on the issue.