The Technical Board of CEMA, as it exists today with high level seniors from the main companies to guide and decide on the path forward on technical matters, owes a great debt to Dr Heribert Reiter for his role in the setup of the group and, as first chairman, for supporting its functioning in the early years. As Vice President Engineering Global Tractors, and General Manager Research and Development at AGCO, he had already assisted in the setup of a similar structure in VDMA Landtechnik.

Within CEMA for 6 years he established the foundations that lead the group to moving from a reactive to a proactive approach. The goal? Avoid costly, not effective nor efficient legislation and policies on safety and health, the environment and climate change, and make it fit for the whole agricultural sector.  

His leadership and support were also instrumental to build the international Agricultural Electronics Industry Foundation (AEF) in 2008. Today AEF is seen as a unique project, a key basis to build a fully connected agriculture and to solve the many technical challenges related to it.

Now retiring, Dr Reiter resigned from his seat at the CEMA Technical Board. His successor will be Mr. Walter Wagner.

We wish him a great time & ride.

2021 10 Dr HReieter retirement