The kit supports the organization of farm demonstration events 


A unique collaboration between three European H2020 projects, AgriDemo-F2F, PLAID and NEFERTITI, resulted in the development of the FarmDemo Training kit for the organization of farm demonstration events. The Training kit collects many interesting tools, guidelines and videos that can help farmers and other organisers in organising a successful farm demonstration.

Under the NEFERTITI project, the Training kit was further developed and updated with the latest materials on the organization of farm demonstration events, such as practical guidelines, tools, and inspiration from practice.

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The FarmDemo Training Kit serves -for skills enhancement and capacity building amongst farm demo organisers. It enables the practical implementation of innovative demo practices on the farm and increases the awareness on the value of farmer-to-farmers exchanges during farm demonstrations.

The training kit offers an overview of the most important elements to be considered for preparing, delivering, and evaluating demonstrations on the farm. It proposes 6 easy steps to follow when designing a demonstration event on the farm, starting from a clear definition of objectives and ending with a good evaluation and follow-up. This Training kit offers specific tips and tricks and provides specific tools to support the preparation, delivery and evaluation of a demo event. 

 The training kit also includes interesting inspirational videos from practice, including:

  • some examples on how farmer networks and programmes can aid in the definition of demonstration event objectives and target groups;
  • a bunch of videos on demonstration farms;
  • inspiration videos for demo set up;
  • some examples on how to use a video as a teaser for demo event;
  • inspiration for learning and facilitation methods

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Due to the COVID19 measures across Europe, also guidelines for virtual demonstrations were included in the Training Kit. These guidelines contain information regarding what a virtual demonstration event is and steps for preparation, delivery and evaluation of virtual demonstration events.

The Training Kit will be translated in all 24 EU languages by the end of the NEFERTITI project (December 2021).

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This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No. 772705.