The Farm to Fork and Biodiversity strategies’ quantitative targets are “aspirational”


Agriculture Commissioner Janusz Wojciechowski provided a written answer to question E-003224/2020 to the Commission Rule 138 posed by MEP Ruža Tomašić (ECR). The question focused on whether or not impact assessments have been carried out by the European Commission for each of the agricultural sectors ahead of setting out the targets in the Farm to Fork and Biodiversity strategies.

Replying on behalf of the European Commission Mr Wojciechowski said that “the quantitative targets set in the Farm to Fork and Biodiversity strategies are aspirational targets. Any legislative proposals in that respect will be accompanied by a thorough impact assessment and will be put forward for adoption to the European Parliament and the Council

He further specified that “This will be the case notably for pesticides, where it is envisaged to propose a revision of the Sustainable use of pesticides directive.

The Commissioner went on to say that “Climate change and biodiversity loss constitute imminent and lasting threats to food security and livelihoods. The Commission will monitor the transition to a sustainable food system so that it delivers food security and operates within planetary boundaries, including progress on the targets and overall reduction of the environmental and climate footprint of the EU food system. It will collect data regularly for a comprehensive assessment of the cumulative impact of all actions in this strategy on food security, competitiveness, the environment and health. It will review the Farm to Fork Strategy by mid-2023 and the Biodiversity Strategy by 2024 to assess whether the action taken is sufficient to achieve the objectives or whether additional action is necessary”.

CEMA welcomes this clarification, as it in line in line with its position on the Farm to Fork Strategy, which can be read here.

The full answer by the Commissioner is available here.