Global views on mechanization of specialty crops and skills and training needs in the agricultural sector

More than 160 global agriculture machinery manufacturers, government officials, farmers and industry leaders participated in the VII Agrievolution Alliance Summit held in Madrid – Valencia (Spain) last 1 & 2 October, to discuss about “Mechanization of Specialty Crops and Skills and Education”.  ANSEMAT, the Spanish Association for Agricultural Machinery, organized the 2 day event.

2019 10 Agrievolution

Specialty Crops on the spot

2019 10 Agrievolution specialty cropsSpecialty crops took center stage during the discussions. Their increasing value on the market, their specific needs in terms of cultivation methods and their increasing presence in crop diversification in European and global agriculture linked to a higher consumers demand were some of the topics raised during the Summit. Next to that, the important role of tailored mechanization was stressed out. The introduction of machinery can help in reducing some of the higher costs of these type of cultivations which are related to labour performing plant treatments, pruning or harvesting. To do so, one of the main requirements was to have adapted machines that can perform the tasks mentioned above as well as to be able to work in the specific conditions of these plantations (hilly areas, narrow pathways, tall trees) without damaging the plants and the fruits.

Skills and Training: essential ingredients for the future of agriculture

Agrievolution skillsThe second part of the Agrievolution Summit was dedicated to the need of ensuring there is a generational renewal in farming activities. For that, it is crucial to make young people understand today’s agriculture is a modern sector where technology is part of any kind of activity run on a farm. The role of including training and an in-depth knowledge of modern agriculture in public education curricula was pointed out as way to attract new talents. Furthermore, another aspect on skills and education touched upon during the Summit was the need to train the trainers -advisors-. In a nutshell, the level of technology in farming is amazing but we need to make sure farmers all over the word are ready to take it on board. Training, training, training would be key not to leave anyone behind.

 The Summit ended up with a field visit to a farm in Valencia (citrus, olive trees, vineyards, almond trees) where ag machinery live demonstrations for Specialty Crops were organised in the frame of DEMOAGRO fair.




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