Industry leaders, EU institutions representatives and stakeholders discuss the challenges for the new EU Term

 CEMA, EU Agricultural Machinery and CECE, EU Construction Equipment handed out their main policy requests for the legislative term 2019 – 2024 to the EU institutions on 15 of October.

In a dinner debate hosted by MEP Maria da Graca Carvalho in the European Parliament, over 100 attendees from industry, EU officials, key stakeholders and several Members of the European Parliament had the chance to exchange views on the challenges European industries are facing today. In words of Anthony van der Ley, CEMA President, digitisation, compliance with new safety and technical regulations, or “open and fair” opportunities to access new marketswere listed among them.

Industry representatives and well as numerous MEPs*  highlighted the need to support Europe’s innovation and manufacturing ‘savoir-faire’. For that, it was pointed out the next EU budget has to support a strong industrial strategy, in the form of investment plans, strategic policies such as the CAP or sustaining the funding allocated to Research and Innovation programmes that can support industry willingness in the transition towards a greener economy while safeguarding the competitive advantage of our products against global competitors.

Agriculture & Construction Equipment dinner debate 15.10.19

Stefan Top 2019 10 15CEMA Vice-President Stefan Top,  manager director of medium-sized company AVR, stressed during his speech that “as industry we are convinced about the need to move towards greener and more environmental friendly Europe. But to do so, we need EU institutions to believe in technical solutions.”

When the debate turned into the European manufacturing competitiveness in the global marketplace, CEMA Board member, Germán Martínez from Kubota Corporation explained that to remain competitive on a global scale, EU Regulations had to consider the size of the industries, costs implications for industries R&D budgets as well as final prices increase for customers. “Unfortunately, used machines segments are booming while new machinery remains stable or down. Therefore, the EU goal of reducing emissions and improving safety and work environment for operators might be compromised.”

German Martinez 2019 10 15


The joint dinner debate allowed CEMA and CECE industries to call on the European Parliament to strengthen the cooperation over the next five years and support businesses delivering jobs, growth and competitive leadership in Europe and beyond.




*MEPs present at the dinner debate: Maria Da Graca Carvalho (ITRE Committee), Pernille Weiss (ITRE Committee), Jan Zahradil (INTA Committee), Toin Manders (IMCO Committee), Anthea McIntyre (AGRI Committee), Andrius Kabilius (ITRE Committee), Bill Newton Dunn (Transport Committee).