CEMA and Head of Unit of the EC’s automotive unit have a fruitful exchange on urgent issues and realistic planning for agricultural vehicles


A well briefed ‘team leader type approval’ welcomed the CEMA delegation. Ms Margarida Teles Romao is expert in type approval and already has plenty of expertise with the other vehicle categories under the care of the automotive unit.  After an introduction of the particularities of the sector by CEMA Secretary General Jerome Bandry, the remaining technical issues from CEMA were explained setting-up a timeline from urgent, mid-term to long-term planning.

The car and truck sector are in the on-going process of drafting delegated acts, such as the agricultural vehicles were in the last few years. Therefore, those two sectors will be their main priority for the coming years. This said, urgent issues can be taken on-board for the upcoming programme, but other issues will be included in a future, not yet programmed, full 3rd batch of amendments to the delegated acts or a more long-term revision of the framework regulation 167/2013.

The proposal for more straightforward and clear procedures for such 3rd batch of amendments was well received, and there is full intention to support any action to allow type approval for all vehicles currently marketed in the EU, including exceptional vehicles in terms of dimensions and weight. As it is not clear how complex such insertion is and given the long road for ‘super’ trucks to get EU type approval, no guarantees were given to address this issue on the short term.

The open discussion on the remaining issues and available resources will make a more realistic planning for future amendments.