Submitted in 2017 and responding to a Horizon 2020 call, the NEFERTITI project was launched in January 2018 with its kick off meeting in Almeria (Spain). Coordinated by Acta and Adrien Guichaoua, NEFERTITI focuses on AKIS(Agricultural Knowledge and Innovation Systems) and the stimulation of innovation by promoting knowledge exchange, peer-to-peer learning and connection between actors. Demonstration activities are at the core of NEFERTITI, to foster innovation uptake.



NEFERTITI has a specific structure: it is built around 10 thematic networks covering 3 major sectors of European agriculture (animal production, arable crops and horticulture) and targeting the main concerns of the European farmers (resource management, resiliency, digital farming, sustainability, environmental issues…). Those 10 networks will be supported by 45 regional hubs of demo-farmers and involved actors (advisors, NGO, industry, education, researchers and decision-makers).

After 6 months of work, the project had its first annual meeting in Toulouse (France), with the with a turnout of around 80 participants. This meeting provided an opportunity for NEFERTITI partners to present the progress of the project, particularly for what concerns the building of the networks and the hubs. Network leaders and hub coaches participated to the meeting to make use of the full potential offered to them by the several sessions of the event, allowing them to meet and discuss about their roles, expectations and desires. In terms of next steps, from now to the second annual meeting the project should see the first demonstration activities occurring.

During this first annual meeting, participants had the chance to attend demonstrations at “Les Culturales”, an event organized by ARVALIS, which attracted 10,000 persons this year.

CEMA is currently working on a mailing list of people and companies interested in the project. To be included in this list and keeping updated about the project’s activities and progress, please send an email to our Research Officer This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

More information about the project and the Annual Meeting is available at: