Whole Body Vibration

Whole body vibration is caused by vibration transmitted through the seat or the feet by workplace machines and vehicles. Exposure to high levels of whole-body vibration can present risks to health and safety and are reported to cause or aggravate back injuries. The risks are greatest when the vibration magnitudes are high, the exposure durations long, frequent, and regular, and the vibration includes severe shocks or jolts.

European Directive 2002/44/EC introduces minimum protection requirements for European workers when they are exposed, in the course of their work, to risks arising from vibration. It specifies the employer's obligations and sets limits. Especialy article 5 of the directive is where manufacturers try to help their customers by offering state of the art solutions. and they do more...
CEMA, representing the agricultural machinery industry, whishes to support the reduction of occurrence of backpain with this website. The two documents presented give guidance on how:
  • To measure vibrations and what factors to take into account when analysing the exposure to vibrations (CEMA measurement protocol) and 
  • To minise the risk for the occurrence of back pain (CEMA practical user's guide)

On the left submenu different language versions on the 'CEMA practical user's guide' and the 'CEMA measurement protocol' can be consulted to hopefully help you in your mother language. 

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