STUDY - "The Agricultural Machinery Market & Industry in Europe"

Executive Summary

This paper (click below to download the full version) questions and challenges common concepts and assumptions used for regulating the agricultural machinery market and industry in Europe by looking at some of the most fundamental trends and drivers that have shaped the sector in recent years. In so doing, the paper examines in particular the very different dynamics applying to the automotive and farm machinery markets.

Based on this approach, the paper comes up with a number of forward-looking proposals on how EU regulation should develop so as to better take these structural drivers into account and provide a sound policy framework that effectively entices innovation, and supports the productivity of the agricultural machinery industry and thus the sustainability and competitiveness of European farming.

The paper concludes that, in order to enable European farm machinery manufacturers – whether big or small – to continue to be innovative, competitive and commercially successful in Europe and the world, we need a veritable U-turn in EU regulation and industrial policy. More specifically, EU regulation for farm machines’ needs:

  • to recognize and understand the structural specificities & drivers of the sector;
  • to abandon the distorted and harmful logic of using an automotive-based regulatory approach for tractors and farm machines;
  • to adopt a forward-looking regulatory approach that allows the European farm machinery industry to define its own technical standards and move towards more self-certification.

About the author:

Gilles Dryancour is Honorary President of CEMA, having served as President of the Association from 2009 until 2014. He is also Chairman of CEMA’s Public Policy Group (PPG). 

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