Towed farm vehicles: trailer or interchangeable equipment?



Since 1 January 2016, EU type approval has become possible for agricultural trailers (category R) and agricultural interchangeable towed equipment (category S).

However, in the new EU framework Regulation 167/2013, the definitions of both categories have been changed when compared to the previously existing definitions of the former Tractor Directive 2003/37/EC.

The goal behind the change was to allow an appropiate and consistent category assignment for these vehicles, particulary for those that could be considered to be in the 'grey zone'. For instance: 

  • What to do with a vehicle that has a specific function other than only transporting goods but the ratio of the mass of a fully loaden vehicle versus the mass of the same vehicle in empty condition is more than 3?
  • Or: how should you categorize a vehicle whose main function is transport of goods but its ratio is less than 3 and it also has other functions (e.g. pick-up products from the field, distribution of liquids...)?

A dedicated CEMA Project Team has come up with clarifications and a number of specific examples from different manufacturers to illustrate how to categorise agricultural towed vehicles.

This information can be found HERE or by clicking on the link below.