#CEMASummit 2017 - Technical Forum (morning)


"Roadmap to Digital Farming: the technology challenges ahead & how to tackle them"

9.00 -12.30h @Hotel Sofitel Brussels Europe

Place Jourdan 1 - 1040 Brussels

The integration of digital technologies into farm machines comes with the promise of manifold new opportunities in the areas of automation, data sharing and safety-enhancing features. At the same time, on the path towards smart, connected farm vehicles, a number of challenges in the areas of safety, security and interoperability will need to be addressed. Looking at the challenges and opportunities ahead, the Forum will touch on key questions such as:

  • Can machines really talk to each other and be fully automated?
  • Is data the new gold or is the gold rush over?
  • Are we witnessing the dawn of the agricultural robots?
  • Is my connected, automated farm vehicle a liability?




Massimo Ribaldone, Executive R&D Director, SDF Group

Wineyard world towards digital farming: a recognized value from a sustainable farm cost and investment. Needs and key elements for the roll-out.

9.15 – 10.40h

Session I: Key elements for the roll-out of Digital Farming


Opportunities with 5G in Agriculture

Ulrich Rehfuess, Head of Spectrum Policy, Nokia


Interoperability – allowing machines to understand each other

Norbert Schlingmann, Director General, AEF


Boosting Data Sharing through ability and trust

Daniel Azevedo, Senior Policy Advisor, COPA-COGECA


Panel debate, Q&A

Moderation: Dr. Hermann Buitkamp, VDMA Agricultural Machinery

10.40 – 11.00h

Coffee break

11.00 – 12.30h

Session II: Safe & secure connected vehicles on field and on road


Safety & security of connected vehicles

Marc Greven, Legal Affairs Director, ACEA


A connected agriculture in the Internet-of-Things environment

Christophe Gossard, Strategic Standards Manager, John Deere


The road to autonomous vehicles

Vik Vandecaveye, Manager Advanced Data Analysis and Application Development, CNH Industrial


Panel debate with European Commission representative, Q&A

Moderation: Dr. Hermann Buitkamp, VDMA Agricultural Machinery

12.30 – 13.30h



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