#CEMASummit 2017 - Economic Forum (morning)


"Digital and Precision Farming in Europe: benefits, market trends & impact on farm practices"

9.00 -12.30h @Hotel Sofitel Brussels Europe

Place Jourdan 1 - 1040 Brussels

Digital and Precision Farming hold the promise of boosting the environmental sustainability & economic competitiveness of the agricultural sector in Europe in the years to come. Yet despite the fast pace of innovation, the market uptake of such innovations in farming somewhat lags behind the rapid adoption of digital technologies in other sectors. Featuring presentations from industry experts, researchers, market analysts and agricultural contractors the Forum will try of offer fresh insights and discussions on key questions such as:

  • What environmental benefits of Digital and Precision Farming can we expect in arable and livestock farming in Europe?  
  • What is the market outlook for Europe and what are major investment trends in Agtech innovations?
  • What are the key barriers holding back the uptake of Digital and Precision Farming?
  • What tangible benefits do Digital and Precision Farming technologies bring to the user?


Programme /



9.10 – 10.20h

Session I: Benefits of Precision & Digital Farming


Reducing CO2 emissions in agricultural production processes – what can modern farm equipment contribute?

Dr. Eberhard Nacke, Head of Product Strategy, CLAAS & Project Leader, Eko-Tech Study


Benefits of Precision & Digital Farming – the livestock perspective

Prof. Daniel Berckmans, Head of the Division M3-Biores, KU Leuven



Discussion, Q&A

10.20 – 11.30h

Session II: market trends & developments in Precision & Digital Farming


The impact of Digital Farming on agricultural machinery companies

Harry Smit, Senior Industry Analyst Farming Inputs and Farming, Rabobank

10.40 – 11.00h

Coffee break


Trends in demand for, and investments in, Agtech innovations in the USA & EU

Dr. Mila Kletzky, President, Academic Director, Picking Alpha


Discussion, Q&A

11.30 – 12.30h

Session III: uptake barriers & practical impact of Digital & Precision Farming


What are the barriers that hold back the uptake of Digital & Precision Farming? Insights from the Smart-AKIS survey

Dr. Maria Kernecker, Research Scientist, Institute of Socio-Economics, Leibniz Centre for Agricultural Landscape Research (ZALF)


The user perspective: practical impact of Digital & Precision Agriculture for an agricultural contractor

Ton Van Eijck, CEETTAR (European Agricultural Contractors Association)


The Broadband challenge: EU support to Connect Rural Areas

Isane Aparicio, Deputy Director, Broadband Competence Offices Support Facility



Discussion, Q&A

12.30 – 13.30h



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