Brochure: EU diesel engine emission limits for tractors

New diesel engine emission limits will soon apply to tractors in Europe – so what do the new rules say? How will they have to be applied? And what impact will they have?

To enable an in-depth understanding of these new, so-called ‘Stage V’ requirements, CEMA is proud to present its ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ Guidance Document that explains in detail how the new requirements will apply to tractors.

The new requirements were initially introduced for off-road machines in Regulation 2016/1628, yet will also apply to agricultural and forestry tractors and their engines (in line with Article 19 [3] of the type-approval 'Mother’ Regulation 167/2013 and the complimentary Delegated Act). 

The FAQ Document is intended to provide tractor manufacturers with a clear timeline on the initial entry into service of the new provisions and explains CEMA’s interpretation of the requirements applicable to agricultural and forestry tractors. 

The Document focuses in particular on the differences between the provisions for tractors and off-road machines (so-called Non-Road Mobile Machines/NRMMs). It thus goes beyond the general FAQ Guidance Document on Regulation 2016/1628 which was already published earlier this year.

For instance, the Guidance Document features a dedicated Chapter which clarifies the special provisions for narrow and high-clearance tractors. Due to delays given in the past, a different emission timeline will apply for these tractors.

The Document is based on Regulation 2016/1628 and the latest draft for the Stage V REPPR Delegated Act that was presented in the European Commission’s Working Group on Agricultural Tractors (WGAT) in June 2017. The publication of the REPPR Delegated Act is expected for early 2018.

CEMA would like to thank all members of the Working Group Project Cluster 2 “Emissions”. Thanks to their joint efforts, this useful and hands-on document for all CEMA tractor manufacturers could be produced. 

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