Echoes from the CEMA Summit 'Farming 4.0' - Part V


Echoes from the CEMA Summit 'Farming 4.0' 


The 2017 CEMA Summit 'Farming 4.0' gave us the opportunity to exchange views & insights on the evolution European agriculture is taking today. 

Satellites, robots, skills upgrade, small and big farms, young and old farmers led the discussions on how Digital Farming tools will shape the future of agriculture in Europe.

'Echoes from the CEMA Summit' is a series of key messages that bring clarity on what different actors from the EU agri-community think and expect on the transition towards a connected agriculture.


What do young farmers need to make Digital Farming a successful case in EU agriculture?

by Jannes Maes, CEJA President (EU Young Farmers)

Jannes Maes - 'Farming 4.0' CEMA Summit 2017


Is Digital Farming the way to go for farmers at all scales? 

by Pekka Pesonen, Secretary General of COPA-COGECA

Pekka Pesonen - 'Farming 4.0' CEMA Summit 2017

Will intelligent farm machines & robots radically change the way farming works today?

by Matthew Foster, Vice President, Agricultural Commercial Development, CNH Industrial


Matthew Foster 'Farming 4.0' CEMA Summit 2017


What are the challenges the farm equipment industry faces to see Digital Farming unleashing its full potential in Europe? 

by Richard Markwell - CEMA President

Richard Markwell - 'Farming 4.0' CEMA Summit 2017


What can the EU do to boost Digital Farming in the years to come? 

by Khalil Rouhana - Deputy Director at DG CONNECT

Khalil Rouhana - 'Farming 4.0' - CEMA Summit 2017